KynnysKINO 2013 ohjelma 28.-30.11.2013

Nykytaiteenmuseo KIASMA

Kiasman Seminaari-tila / Kiasma-teatteri

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Ismo Helén:, p.050 354 3979

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KynnysKINO 2013:n elokuvien keskeinen teema rakkaus ja parisuhde

Torstai 28.11.2013 Kiasman Seminaari-tila

    •    - klo 17.30 KynnysKINO 2013: avajaiset Ismo Helen, Seminaari-tila
    •    - Hum-Pap-Paa, tanssi & musiikki, Suomi, 7 min, kieli: suomi, ohjaus: Työryhmä, 2012
    •    - Freefall, tanssi UK, 3 min, kieli: englanti, ohjaus Sima Gonsai / Babis Alexiadis, 2012
    •    - Dreaming, tanssi & animaatio, UK, 3 min, kieli: englanti, ohjaus Sima Gonsai /
            Babis Alexiadis, 2012
    •    - Hang Ups, tanssidokumentti, UK, 12 min kieli: englanti, ohjaus: Anton French, 2012
    •    - Miten olla, dokumentti / tanssi, Suomi, 46 min, kieli: suomi, ohjaus: Kirsi Heimonen, 2011
    •    - Miten olla, dokumentin ohjaaja Kirsi Heimonen vieraana ja kertoo dokumentistaan
    • Hum-Pap-Paa, Vaalijalan ohjelmaryhmän uusin projekti on musiikkivideo HUM-PAP-PAA. Sen ns. Remix versio on reiluun 6 minuuttiin puristettu Humpan "ylistyslaulu". Tarinankerronnaltaan se sijoittuu vanhaan turkkilaisromanttiseen aikakauteen, jossa yllättäen seikkailee myös Lady Gaga. Hänestä yriteään "vääntää" humppamusiikin ymmärtäjää.

    • Dreaming, Comissioned by Mencap as part of their Cultural Olympiad 2012 project WE DANCE. Pupils from two special schools in Birmingham, UK - Fox Hollies and Uffculme schools - creayted this animated fantasy in response to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

      The film makers who worked with them on this Dance for Camera film were Babis Alexiadis and Sima Gonsai.

    • Freefall, Comissioned by Mencap as part of their Cultural Olympiad 2012 project WE DANCE. "Freefall" is a Dance for camera film made by Babis Alexiadis and Sima Gonsai using movements created by members of Freefall Dance Company.

      The creation and editing of the film was undertaken in collaboration with Freefall Dance Group.

    • Hang Ups, is both a complete film in its own right and a work in progress that should be developed and turned into a performance piece. It is an aeriel piece starring Tina Carter and writer Sophie Partridge. Sophie is a small woman with a brittle bone condition. She gives the latin name in the film. Should she be in the air at all? Of course she should. Isn't that the point? Don't we all want to fly, challenge our fears and perceptions?

      Certainly Sophie wants to be in the air. Tina feels secure in getting her there. Knowing the risks, her art form, understanding the possibility of collaboration and the opportunities that arise form a simple conversation. For me art is and will be an opportunity to express. Tina and Sophie accept this potential and work within and toward it.

      For me there are two particular treats within the film. Sophie's words and Anton French's music which hangs on the threads of circus, vaudeville, ragtime and a feel for mainland Europe. Influences abound here.

    • Miten Olla, elokuva kertoo muistisairaitten olemisesta Sanerva.kodissa. Tanssitaiteilijan vierailut hoitokodissa, kun kuvataan ja keskustellaan, lomittautuvat asukkaiden äänitettyyn puheeseen, jonka tanssija lihallistaa tanssillaan erilaisissa maisemissa.

      Elokuva perustuu monivuotiseen tanssijan ja muistisairaitten kommunikaatioon, jonka keskiössä on ollut kysymys taiteen paikasta, taiteen mahdollisuudesta muistisairaitten ja yhteisön arjesta.

    Perjantai 29.11.2013 Kiasma-teatteri

    •    - klo 15.00 KynnysKINO 2013 KIASMA Teatteri
    •    - The Courd of Shards, draama, Saksa, 75 min, kieli: saksa, tekstitys: englanti,
            ohjaus Jan Eilhardt, 2012
    •    - A Life to Live, dokumentti, Puola, 23 min, kieli: puola, tekstitys englanti,
            ohjaus Maciej Adamek, 2003
    •    - Beyond borders, dokumnentti, Belgia, 20 min, kieli: englanti, tekstitys englanti,
            ohjaus Brecht Vanmeirhaeghe, 2009
    • The Court of Shrads The Courd of Shards, The two friends Nora and Isabel, both disabled, try to lead normal lives. Strangely enough, it is their family, well-meaning friends and care workers who appear not to want normality at all.

      When Nora decides to marry her immigrant lover Amadou, her family does everything in its power to stop her. Amadou’s presence sets in motion a bitter deal, a forced homecoming, and a whole series of unfortunate events.

      And the consequences have only just begun...

      A Life to Live A Life to Live, "The world is slippery, lumpy, wet, smelly and dark" - this is how the children at the Kindergarten for Blind Children in Laski describe their sensations. During classes, teachers and tutors prepare the children for independent life.

      At a local vegetable market the children "look" with hands at the products, trying to identify them. Touching some of them is nice, while others are unpleasant. Most of the children merrily drink in all the new experiences, but some of them remain alert and reserved. In the kindergarten, the children prepare a soup from the vegetables they bought, learn how to cut and place the ingredients in the pot and light the gas.

      Most of the classes taught there have such practical character. The children learn how to operate a zip fastener, tie their shoelaces, read the clock, come into contact with their peers and "see with hands".

      Performing everyday activities is not easy for them. Sometimes, in dreams, they forget about their disability. The boys want to be drivers and soldiers, while the girls - singers and dancers. But their greatest wish is to make a breakfast, cook a dinner, tidy up and do the washing. Simple, banal matters.
      But not for them.

      Beyond Borders Beyond Borders, is a strong poetical mosaic narration representing 3 people of different ethnic origin having a physical or mental disability: Amin, a boy with Down Syndrome from Irac, Elena from Uzbekistan, who has MS, and Moroccan Mohamed, a blind man who runs marathons… Three unique lives, one universal story.

      Beyond Borders takes you beyond the dividing lines between people. It breaks through the walls of indifference and insensibility.
      This film simply leaves no one untouched.


    Perjantai 29.11.2013 Kiasma-teatteri

    •    - klo 18.00 KynnysKINO 2013 KIASMA Teatteri
    •    - D for Daya - A biography of Ability, dokumentti, Intia 8 min, kieli: englanti,
            texitys: englanti
    •    - I Dream, Intia, dokumentti, 3,40 min, kieli: viittoma, textitys, englanti
    •    - Touching the Void , dokumentti, 5,30 min, Intia, kieli: , textitys: englanti
    •    - Daniel, draama, Israel, 25 min, kieli: heprea, tekstitys englanti, ohjaus: Orit Fouks, 2013
    •    - Nirobe / Silently, Dokumentti / draama, Bangladesh, 55 min, kieli: hindi, tekstitys englanti,
            ohjaus: Jannatul Ferdous Ivy, 2012
    • D for Daya, Daya, a deaf & blind girls' life is not different from the other girls of her age. Daya had her tryst with destiny even as she was in her mother's womb. Rubella infection meant that she will be born deaf & blind. She was dependent on others for practically every basic needs of life. However, Daya has been a spirited fighter from the very beginning.

      Nutured by able hands, little Daya has metamorphosed into an indepentendt, lively teenager who loves to lead and play. With the assistance of hearing aids and a pair of glasses she is eagerly discovering the joy of life. Dreams, aspirations & ambitions are never disabled. Daya represents Ability out of disability. Along with the story of Daya the film also tries to bring into light about the trainings and hard work that a person with deafblind undergoes in his/her life to break the barriers.

    • I Dream, It's a short film about deafblind individual's dreams, their desire to teach, play, study, have fun, sing a song, communicate, express among many others.

      We also dream of a world of dignity and equal opportunities for deafblind people.

    • Touching the Void, It's a film on Zamir Dhale, our deafblind Advocacy Officer whose life in itself is a shining example.

      Fighting against all odds, he has achieved a lot in life and is now working for the rights and betterment of deafblind individuals like him.

    • Daniel, 40 years old Daniel and 27 years old orit are going on a month Journey to the far east. Daniel suffers from a head injury that among other things prevents him from having a full vision ability on his left side. Orit his companion (and director og the film) will be there to accommodate his needs.

      The intensity of the journey and the lack of prior acquaintance builds up moments of conflicts, drama, intimacy and love.

    • Nirobey Nirobey, a documentary film, unearths violations of rights of the workers in some non-government organisations those are vocal on various human rights issues. Through a bitter experience of an NGO worker at her office, JannatulFerdous Ivy’s docu-film reveals the hypocrisy of such organisations.

      Nirobey [Silently] was premiered on Friday at the New Wave Film and Television Institute (NEWFTI). Its story, script and direction are done by Ivy.

      The film features Hasi, a rural woman who struggles after the death of her father. She gets a job in a local NGO as a field worker. With a high hope she comes in Dhaka and joins in a greater NGO, which works on disability issue.

      Initially Hasi passes a happy life in the capital city and marries a lawyer. She gives all her efforts to serve her organisation. But, overstress leads to her miscarriage. And the whole scenario completely changes very soon.

      She cannot concentrate much on her works. As a result, the organisation, which is vocal on rights issue, replaces the woman by a fresher. Nothing happens except for a protest by her coworker Madhobi, who considers the management decision injustice to an unfortunate woman.

      ‘It’s true that NGOs are playing important and appreciable role on rights issues in the society, however, workers in such organisations observe that their rights are not protected. Silently they endure the violations of rights. But I’ve tried to unearth such hidden stories in the documentary,’ director of the film, Jannatul Ferdous Ivy, said.

    Lauantai 30.11.2013 Kiasma-teatteri

    •    - klo 13.30 KynnysKINO 2013 KIASMA Teatteri
    •    - Hum-Pap-Paa, tanssi & musiikki, Suomi 7 min, kieli suomi, ohjaus: Työryhmä, 2012
    •    - Vieraana Mikko Hotti & työryhmä Vaalijalan ohjelmaryhmästä
    •    - Zambian Spacekids, animaatio, Sambia / Suomi, 12 min, kieli: englanti, tekstitys englanti,
            ohjaus: Ismo Helen, 2012
    •    - Independent Living, animaatio, Japani / Suomi, 3.27 min, Illustration: Kana Ohashi
    •    - Jonathan, dokumentti, Tansania / Suomi, 9 min, kieli: englanti, tekstitys: englanti,
            ohjaus Ville Nuoraho, 2013
    •    - Dream of Forgotten Youth, dokumentti, Sambia, 30 min, kieli: englanti, tekstitys: englanti,
            ohjaus: Musola Catherine Kaseketi, 2012
    •    - The Confrence, komedia, UK, 18 min, kieli: englanti, tekstitys: englanti,
            ohjaus: Justin Edgar, 2011
    •    - KynnysKINO 2013 tuomaristo & palkinnot
    •    - Klo 16.00 Kutsuvieraselokuva
    •    - Scorpions, draama / dokumentti, Kamboza / Suomi, 74 min, kieli: khmer, tekstitys: englanti
            ohjaaja Simo Hakalisto
    •    - Vieraana ohjaaja Simo Hakalisto ja Scorpions elokuvan tekijätiimiä

    • Hum-Pap-Paa, Vaalijalan ohjelmaryhmän uusin projekti on musiikkivideo HUM-PAP-PAA. Sen ns. Remix versio on reiluun 6 minuuttiin puristettu Humpan "ylistyslaulu". Tarinankerronnaltaan se sijoittuu vanhaan turkkilaisromanttiseen aikakauteen, jossa yllättäen seikkailee myös Lady Gaga.

      Hänestä yriteään "vääntää" humppamusiikin ymmärtäjää.

    • Zambian Spacekids, original name: Zambian Space Kids and Proton Heater

      Sambian Livingstonessa pidetyn elokuvafestivaalin yhteydesä järjestetyn animaatiotyöpajan tuotos. Käsikirjoitus, kuvitus sekä villimielikuvitus joka lapsista huokui tuotti tällaisen lopputuloksen.

      Lapset ovat eritavoin vammaisia orpoja HIV vanhempien menehdyttyä asuvat kirkon koulukodissa.

    • Independent Living, animaatio, 3,27 min, suomi/japani Story by
      Film by Illustration: Kana Ohashi

    • Jonathan, Fida International - Lähetyspysäkki: Jonathan ja liikkeelle lähtemisen haaste.

      Vammaisuus, syrjintä ja ennakkoluulot ovat satuttaneet 16-vuotiasta Jonathania - - vaan eivät lannistaneet. Tansanialainen nuorimies on saanut Fidan vammaishankkeelta pyörätuolin, mutta sitäkin tärkeämpää on uudelleen löytynyt ihmisarvo.

    • Dreams Of Forgotten Youth Dreams of Forgotten Youth, CBR ‘Dreams of Forgotten Youth’, a documentary featuring the dreams of four young Zambian people with different impairments who hope to have a successful future apart from all barriers they face.

      Musola Kaseketi is a famous filmmaker who won some awards for her productions.

      Since she was five she has a physical impairment.The event was hold in cooperation between German Embassy and CBM and we thank our German Ambassador Bernd Finke for all his efforts to have such a nice and successful time at his residence.

    • The Conference, is a comedy short following disastrous disability conference at a drab hotel. As plans for the conference unravel a comedy of politically incorrect manners ufnfolds.

      The conference was made as part of BBC Actors Centre Talent Boost initiative. A cast of up and coming acting talent worked eith award winning director Justin Edgar.

    • Scorpions, Scorpions is a story of a disabled volleyball team from a small Cambodian rural village, Toul Prich. Despite the rather poor training conditions, the CNVLD Kampong Speu Scorpions is striving to become the best team in Cambodia’s CNVLD national disabled volleyball league. Many of the team members have been disabled due to the millions of dud land mines still buried in the country as a result of the Vietnam War.

      The documentary discusses the post-war generation’s life in a country with many scars; the reconstruction of the post-genocide society not only in a concrete but also in a mental sense. Even after harsh drawbacks it is possible to find a meaning for life. The film is a demonstration of the healing effects of sports.